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About Hunting in Sweden

Hunting in Sweden gives you the opportunity to hunt in this magnificent country. Sweden is a real hunting paradise for every hunter. Sweden has a great variety of wildlife and game animals that are not found in Europe anymore outside Scandinavia like the great moose.

There are a lot of different kinds of hunting like traditional moose hunting, hunting with a pointing dog, beaver hunting and the winter hunts for grouse and black grouse.

All the guides are helpful, skilled and passionate and together with the best dogs they will make your Swedish hunting experience a success. An experience you won't forget.

Hunting in Sweden is an initiative of Mitt I Naturen to help ambitious foreign hunters plan their hunting trips in Sweden. Hunting in Sweden provides hunters with information about the Swedish hunting seasons, hunting permits, gun permissions, hunting accomodation and information about Hunting in Sweden.

Hunting in Värmland Sweden

We offer hunts in the county Värmland. Värmland lies on border with Norway just a few hours east of Oslo. This beautiful region is known for its rich forest and true wilderness. We have hunting areas spanning a total of 11,000 acres divided in three groups.

We offer the following hunts:

  • Moose/Elk hunting
  • Roe deerhunting
  • Beaver hunting
  • Alpine hare hunting
  • Capercaillie, (black) grouse hunting
  • Bear hunting
  • Lynx hunting

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For more information about hunting with us please contact us via the contact page or visit our detailed website: Mitt I Naturen